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Save the 130th St NE BEACH!

At the bottom of the 130th St NE stairway is a small beach that has been used as a public access to Lake Washington shoreline for the last 80 years. It was originally deeded to the city as a public beach, but due to a technicality that was discovered last year, the adjacent property owners have decided they own this beach and have fenced it off! In June the Seattle City Council requested the major to use eminent domain to restore this park, which is the only water access for 5 miles, and it a nice place to rest for bike riders as well as stair climbers.

You can read more about this on the facebook group called "Friends of 130th St NE beach". Also, here is a link to the letter written by the City Council . Please thank the council and urge the mayor to follow their request.

view of beach from the stairs, prior to the fence